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Bill Taylor


Bill Taylor has been associated with Coca-Cola for over 40 years, as a flavor chemist, product development manager, marketing manager, general manager, Regional Manager, International VP, Bottling Company CEO and consultant, living in Argentina, USA, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil, and has managed companies and executed projects in over 30 countries.

His last executive assignment with Coca-Cola was as CEO of SPAIPA, a 1billion dollar Coca-Cola bottling, sales and distribution company based in Curitiba, Brazil. Bill created SPAIPA In 1994 by leading a merger of four independent Coca-Cola bottling groups, and ran this company for 8 years.

After retiring from SPAIPA in 2002, Bill joined the "Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization" (TOCICO) and created Taylors Of Curitiba, a business strategy and change management consulting company, working projects in education, wood, paper, banking, insurance, logistics, transportation, heavy machinery, agricultural products, construction, energy, retail and consumer products in Brazil. He has also lectured frequently in various universities and organizations and been a member of the Board of Directors of various Brazilian and International companies and organizations Bill has been on the TOCICO Board since 2009 and was the 2011/2012 Chairman of the Board of TOCICO.

Bill has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Masters of Business Administration from Florida International University. After 18 years in Brazil, Bill moved to Atlanta in 2012, where he has established his new base of operations as a Principal of BusinessRx Consulting, focusing his work on Healthcare and the development of TOC.

You can contact Bill at

Bill Taylor

Experienced C-Level executive and consultant dedicated over the last 12 years to Continuous Improvement and Organization Development Projects in Brazil and other countries. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese

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