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An entrepreneur is a person who starts, organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. He or she is also someone who is willing to invest time and money, and risk loss in order to make money.

A successful entrepreneur takes an innovative idea and builds an enterprise around it, which he or she then capitalizes and sustains until it is a self sufficient and growing organization attractive to investors and professional managers.

Entrepreneurs often have great ideas, but often lack skills, knowledge and strategy in competitive business, marketing, finance and investor negotiation to fully profit from the time and money invested in their business startup.

A good leader manages and correctly exploits system constraints to flows, significantly increasing system performance, without unnecessarily increasing operating expense or investment.


With our accumulated experience and methodologies we help you anticipate the difficulties you will face along the entrepreneurial journey, prepare you to deal with the obstacles you will face at each stage, and ensure you can count on the necessary resources to deal with the unexpected.

We work with you to prepare and execute the strategies and tactics for each stage a developing organization must go through. We provide you with a roadmap structure: The Transitional Strategy and Tactics Map, and help you develop the right roadmap for your business idea.

We remain available in an advisory capacity as your business is built and becomes a sustainable and properly structured organization.

If and when you desire, we advise and assist you on the sale, transfer of control or divestment of your business to give you the freedom to pursue new activities or ideas, thus completing the entrepreneur cycle.

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