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Larry Gold is a highly experienced businessman with an extensive background as a senior executive, entrepreneur, CEO, business consultant, management advisor, technology / marketplace facilitator, and strategy and planning specialist.

Mr. Gold has considerable experience in the development and implementation of successful strategies and operational plans for the rapid improvement of the profitability of closely held corporations and service companies. With a main interest in healthcare and physician practices, Larry has successfully guided both start-ups and high growth organizations. Currently shepherding the development in Atlanta of a new concept in hospitals– an emergency specialty hospital – when opened it will be only the second hospital in the US devoted exclusively to emergency medicine he is also helping a long term software development company penetrate the healthcare marketplace.

Known as a “Turn Around” expert, he has helped numerous troubled companies. Mr. Gold’s approach flows from his science background, and is founded on a thorough analysis and evaluation of the business’ system and processes, identification of the practices issues, and a rapid and flexible response to the problems identified; all within the framework of an overall “Plan of Action”. This type of approach has included organizational and governmental changes, mergers & acquisitions, reengineering the customer service process, space planning, centralized purchasing, cost accounting, fee setting, contracting, executive and staff recruitment and the accompanying contract development, budgeting and finance, lease / contract negotiation, marketing and public relation campaigns, and staff training programs.

Mr. Gold has over 20 years of providing guidance to executives and their management team in order to get them through crisis. Among his many company experiences, he has demonstrated significant expertise in start-ups, high growth environments, governance issues/structures in closely held companies, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, and managing change. A published authority on business strategy, and a sort after keynote speaker, he has presented programs to groups as diversified as Harvard Medical School and Morehouse College

Not content to simply talk about issues, he is a “hands-on” expert whose management style, experience and methodology are such that they are able to bridge the gap between strategic thinking and the successful implementation of one’s plan.

Mr. Gold has performed on-site management consultation and served as interim CEO for companies as small as $500,000 and as large as $350 million. Mr. Gold was editor of a nationally distributed newsletter and has authored a number of trade publications. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous professional conferences and has presented programs for numerous regional and national organizations and professional societies. In addition, he has developed a mini-MBA series for medical professionals. He is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate level courses in Business Administration at Southern Polytechnic State University

Previous positions include COO of a $350+ million company, CEO of a $54 million group venture, Senior Vice President of the largest medical training and consulting company in America, and Principal / COO of an investment banking firm. In addition, Mr. Gold owned and operated a nationally respected consulting and billing service geared to closely held companies and partnerships.

Prior to applying his management expertise to the business community, Mr. Gold was the founder and first director of The Center for Management Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University, one of the country's largest private universities. He is an advisory partner with the private equity firm Triton Value Partners and is an adjunct professor teaching graduate level management courses at Southern Polytechnic State University’s MBA program. In addition, Larry is an frequent guest lecturer in Entrepreneurship for the EMBA program at Georgia State University

He has held leadership positions in numerous professional and community organizations. This includes serving as president-elect of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce/Northeast Council. (His extensive travel schedule was such that he was unable to assume the Presidency), serving as a board member of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Board of Directors of the Kettering Executive Network.

His degrees include: an MBA in management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, a M.Ph. in administration from Boston College and a BS in chemistry from The University of Massachusetts.

Larry Gold,

Managing Director 

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