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A leader is responsible for attaining the goal and critical success factors of an organization or system which continuously involves products, services, money and information and most importantly, people.

The team leader is like the pilot of an airplane, delivering the promised results while guaranteeing the safety and security of the system he or she is responsible for.

System success depends of proper and balanced flows of products and services, of money and of information. Constraints in these flows end up affecting and limiting the results of the whole system.

A good leader manages and correctly exploits system constraints to flows, significantly increasing system performance, without unnecessarily increasing operating expense or investment.


We help you and your team reach consensus on the system goal, and on the necessary conditions to achieve more system throughput now and in the future.

We detail with you the system flows and their impact on Throughput, Operating Expense and Investment.

We establish consensus global metrics for the whole team to measure the factors affecting the achievement of the goal and the constraints affecting the system.

The system you manage is then primed to increase the achievement of system throughput without requiring additional resources. This is known as constraint management.

With our flow management solutions, your system, company or supply chain can achieve significant throughput increases in a short period of time without increasing investment or operating expense.

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