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A Project is a set of tasks coordinated to achieve a common goal. Projects have a beginning a middle and an end. They usually have a deadline. They almost always have a budget.

Effective project management is ensuring that these three simultaneous goals are met: Project Scope (Deliverables), Project Duration and Project Budget. In a Multiproject environment, the complexity of project management is daunting.

For most organizations, all three goals are rarely met for a majority of important projects. When many persons are involved and many projects compete for their attention, projects often are late, off scope and/or over budget.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) emerges as the best solution for achieving more in less time with less resources.


We help your project team rapidly focus on what to change for greatest improvement (prioritize) and decide what the solution could look like. We narrow down the deliverables to guarantee fast and significant results.

Together we prepare simple project plans with significant milestones, structured into aggressive yet safely achievable task schedules for each project.

Project execution is then tracked on a shared project dashboard which focuses all participants on each project team’s objective of finishing each project on time. Early warning indicators permit timely action when a project veers off course.

Your entire project portfolio is managed to avoid multitasking and work overload on people, improving team productivity and motivation.

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